The Maverick is our newest commercial grade mower featuring our
 patented EX-Ride System.

Choose from one of our Bad Boy line of mowers...

OUR TOP DOG IS ALL CAT:  Locked and loaded for blasting through commercial work with the fuel efficient reliability and sheer power of a Caterpillar engine, The DIESEL brings brute force power to bear on whatever territory you mow.  Combined with legendary Bad Boy build strenthg, the Diesel is more than just the toughest mower available, it's also the best value in it's class.  with incredible reliability and solidsteel strength unmatched in the industry, our diesels deliver years of trouble-free, dependable mowing day-in and day-out.
Models available: 
BBD61247CA - Diesel 1100cc Compact Cat w/61" Deck
             BBD61247PK - Diesel 1100cc Compact Perkins w/61" Deck
             BBA6135PK - Diesel 1500cc Perkins w/61" Deck
             BBA7235PK - Diesel 1500cc Perkins w/72" Deck


THE COMPACT LITTLE BROTHER IN OUR DIESEL LINEUP.  We dropped a 28hp Caterpillar diesel onto a slightly more compact frame and kept all the best stuff - Swing-Away EZ-ride, solid steel, all-welded frame and all the creature comforts of adjustable seats and handles.  Legendary Bad Boy rock-solid construction, and coupled with an exceptional price for this balance of power and durability, you may have just purchased the last mower you'll ever need.
Models Available:
               6100 COMD - 61" Deck - 28hp 3-Cylinder Diesel

LEAVE IT TO US TO REMAKE THE RULES FOR OTHERS TO FOLLOW.  When we introduced the Outlaw, we paid close attention to everything premier lawncare professionals wanted in a mower.  We've decided to up the ante and put a little more distance between us and everybody else by strapping on our EZ-Ride System for one of the smoothest rides you'll find anywhere.  With our ArmorTek5 Deck and SteerTek system, it's a near-perfect combination of power, comfort and precision cut and there's just nothing else like it out there.
Models Available:
    5400 Outlaw XP-EZ Ride - 54" Deck - 852cc Kawasaki FX
    6100 Outlaw XP EZ-Ride - 61" Deck - 852cc Kawasaki FX
    7200 Outlaw XP EZ-Ride - 72" Deck - 852cc Kawasaki FX
    6100 Outlaw XP EZ-Ride - 61" Deck - 993cc Vanguard
    7200 Outlaw XP EZ-Ride - 72" Deck - 993cc Vanguard
    6100 Outlaw XP EZ-Ride  61" Deck - 824cc Yamaha EFI
    7200 Outlaw XP EZ-Ride  72" Deck - 824cc Yamaha EFI

WE ASKED YOU WHAT WAS MOST IMPORTANT AND YOU LET US HAVE IT. the result is a power-packed, cold-rolled steel mower hunkered down and ready to mow.  The result of our exhaustive survey resulted in creating a commercial mower with a low center of gravity, digitally-scale balanced on all four wheels for sure-footed and steady work on inclines.  Throw in the heaviest-duty hydraulic drive system available and the widest range of high horsepower engines we offer and you've got a commercial mower's dream machine.
Models Available
     5400 Outlaw Extreme - 54" Deck - 852cc Kawasaki FX
     6100 Outlaw Extreme - 61" Deck - 852cc Kawasaki FX
     7200 Outlaw Extreme - 72" Deck - 852cc Kawasaki FX
     6100 Outlaw Extreme - 61" Deck - 933cc Vanguard
     7200 Outlaw Extreme - 72" Deck - 933c Vanguard

      STARTING PRICES AT:  $7,999
BRED FROM THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. A classic example of why Bad Boy has become the fastest growing zero-turn mower on the market.  Powerful enough for professionals and priced for homeowners, the Outlaw features a high-horsepower engine paired with our legendary, all-steel welded build strength, patented Swing-Away full access design, full half-inch front wheel forks and quarter-inch welded steel deck.  This mower is vurtually indestructible, and with its pedigree of strength, power and price, this is one dog that's all bite.
Models Available
     5400 Outlaw - 54" Deck - 824cc Yamaha
     6100 Outlaw - 61" Deck - 824cc Yahama
     5400 Outlaw - 54" Deck - 747cc Kohler Confidant
     6100 Outlaw - 61" Deck - 747cc Kohler Confidant
     5400 Outlaw - 54" Deck - 726cc Kawasaki FX
     6100 Outlaw - 61" Deck - 726cc Kawasaki FX

MEET THE NEWEST UPSTANDING MEMBER OF THE OUTLAW CLASS OF MOWERS.  We've updaed one of our more popular mowers to make it better than ever. What it gives up in full-size deck width, our Compact Outlaw doesn't give an inch in the same construction, innovaton and value of the Outlaw clas of zero-turn mowers.  From front to back, it shares the same features such as our 2"x2" all-steel rail frame, powerful engine options & great prize with a side to side profile that lets it slip into areas that might otherwise be too tight to get o.  There's virtually no area this versatile mower can't get in and out of quickly and efficiently - leaving behind a great cut like onla a Bad Boy can.
Models Available
     4200 Compact Outlaw - 42" Deck - 810cc Vanguard
     4800 Compact Outlaw - 48" Deck - 810cc Vanguard
     4200 Compact Outlaw - 42" Deck - 726cc Kawasaki FX

     4800 Outlaw Stander - 48" Deck - 726cc Kawasaki FX
Our NEW Maverick is the newest commercial grade mower featuring our patented EZ-Ride System.  It has independent front arm support for absorbing the ground ahead and dual rear individual compression shocks supporting each drivetrain individually for a truly independent suspended driving experience.  Featuring powerful Kawasaki and Kohler engines and a variety of deck widths. 
Models Available
     Maverick 48" 747cc Kohler Confidant
     Maverick 54" 747cc Kohler Confidant
     Maverick 60" 747cc Kohler Confidant
     Maverick 48" 726cc Kawasaki FS
     Maverick 54" 726cc Kawasaki FS
     Maverick 60" 726cc Kawasaki FS

A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF HOW WE NEVER STOP IMPROVING OUR MOWERS.  Most would leave well enough alone with their most popular model - not us.  Keeping our commercial grade 1/2" steel front forks, 2"x2" tubular steel framing and 7-quage solid steel deck powered by high-horsepower engines, we've improved birtually everything else.  With longer and lower frame for better traction, improved precision steering, more robust hydraulic system and over-all upgrades in comfort, operation and drive-ability, it all adds up to the best value in a residential mower ANYWHERE!!
Models Available
     4800 ZT Elite - 48" Deck - 725cc Kohler Pro 7000
     5400 ZT Elite - 54" Deck - 747cc Kohler Pro 7000
     6000 Zt Elite - 60" Deck - 747cc Kohler Pro 7000
     4800 ZT Elite - 48" Deck - 726c Kawasaki FR
     5400 ZT Elite - 54" Dec - 726cc Kawasaki FR
     6000 ZT Elite - 60" Deck - 76cc Kawasaki FR

THIS IS THE MOWER THE 'OTHER'GUYS HOPED WOULD NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY.  Flimsy stamped steel and bolted-together construction is the standard for mowers in this price range.  With the rock-solid, all welded-steel construction Bad Boy is known for, our MZ Magnum is a powerhouse.  It's perfect for bringing the efficiencies of zero-turn mowing to smaller yards.  We don't believe homeowners should have to settle for a disposable quality mower and lower quality of cut because of price, and the MZ Magnum compromises on neither.  Simple to maintain, efficient to operate and a sheer blast to drive.
Models Available
     4800 MZ Magnum - 48" Deck - 725cc Kohler Pro 7000
     5400 MZ Magnum - 54" Deck - 725cc Kohler Pro 7000
     4800 MZ Magnum - 48" Deck - 726cc Kawasaki FR
     5400 MZ Magnum - 54" Deck - 726cc Kawasaki FR

THE DIRECT RESULT OF JUST NOT KNOWING ANY BETTER. Small zero-turn mowers were never supposed to be this well-built, this inexpensive and this much fun.  Otherwise all the other mower manufacturers who have been at this a lot longer than us would have already built it - right - Apparantly we didn't get the memo and good old-fashioned American ingenuity wins again.
Models Available
     4200 MZ - 42" Decl - 540cc Kohler
     4200 MZ - 42" Deck - 725cc Kohler Pro

push mowers OUR SELF PROPELLED MOWER SERIES COMMERCIAL PUSH MOWERS - When push comes to shove, there's no substitute for dependability and durability. That's why our new push mowers are simple to maintain and built to withstand grueling day-in and day-out commercial mowing duties.  with self-propelled reaoUR Wr wheel drive and easy to detach rear baggers, you'll get a cleaner cut and easier clean up.  Heavy guage steeel decks with reinforced edges, sturdy push bars and solid, dense rubber wheels combine to deliver the strength to stand up to the most demanding commercial use.
Models Available:
     2100 - 21" Deck - 179cc Kawasaki FJ
     2500 - 25" Deck - 179cc Kawasaki FJ

         STARTING PRICES AT $1,099
walk behind OUR WALK BEHIND SERIES COMMERCIAL ZERO-TURN MOWERS - We pulled out all the stos when we set out to build our professional grade Walk-Behind mower this versatile and agile performer is great for get-on and get-off mowing jobs, and with our patent-pending Sulky, the ride has never been easier to get up and go on.  The nonnonsense, heavy duty construction and powerful engine options ae Bad Boy mowers traits through-and-through and will provide years of service in the field. Plus, we've made improvements in the control and operation features that no other walk-behind mower in the industry has.
Models Available:
     3600 Walk Behind - 36" Deck - 603cc Kawasaki FS
     4800 Walk-Behind - 48" Deck - 603cc Kawasaki FS

       STARTING PRICES AT $4,799